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For centuries it has always been known that first impressions count. And concrete driveways have never failed to deliver that very image. A stylish concrete driveway is much more than a simple entry point to your home or office building. It can give your home or place of work, a feeling of warmth, fashionable brilliance as well as capital gain.

Concrete driveways have stood the test of time mainly due to the degree of endurance and reliability. From a design point of view, driveways have matured to a vast variety of styles, textures and colors. This of course gives you the opportunity to create your very own unique concrete driveway. Below is a broad perspective of the possible design concepts where concrete driveways are concerned:

Concrete Engraving

This type of concept is very popular for existing concrete driveways. The driveway is cleaned and a bonding agent if necessary is applied. Any cracks or broken pieces are mended. The concrete is then stained with your choice of colour. A pattern is grouted into the colored concrete giving the impression of brick work without the added expense or common maintenance issues. This option is a superb choice for tired or weary driveways in need of a fresher new look. Concrete engraving can also be used for new concrete driveways.

Colored Concrete

A simple yet stunning option. The new driveway is laid, the colour can either be added to the plain concrete mix or it can be dusted over the top. Colors are available in a variety of depth and tone.

Exposed Aggregate

This is another popular choice of design amongst home and business owners. Exposed aggregate is extremely flexible as it can be found in homes, hotels and swimming complexes etc. The design concept is achieved by planting colorful pebbles or stones near the time of plain concrete completion. The top layer is then washed off to expose the pebbles or stones leaving you with a spectacular finish.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete looks fabulous as a driveway and it is also commonly found in entrance ways, verandas, bathrooms, side walks and walkways. This design technique has a wide variety of colour and pattern choices. The process is quite simple in that the driveway is laid, with or without color, this is completely your choice. During the final process, the concrete is stamped with your chosen pattern.

Textured Concrete Finish

An array of options are available such as a broom, float or trowel finish. Generally a light pattern is created near completion of laying the concrete driveway. This option gives a fantastic point of difference and it has the benefits of allowing your concrete driveway to stand out from the rest.

Your choice of preference for a concrete driveway maybe simple and classic yet distinct. Or you may require something a bit more elegant, stylish and sophisticated. What ever your choice maybe, Moores Valley Landscaping would be more than happy to discuss your options. We can offer our professional recommendation in regards to the surroundings, environment and natural flow where the concrete driveway or path is to be laid.

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