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You can easily compliment your softscape design with the use of hardscape materials. This terminology refers to the unliving elements of your overall garden landscaping design. This could include items made from timber such as a decking or pergolas, it may also include driveways, pathways and paved areas.

Generally speaking hardscape and softscape materials should compliment each other in both form and texture. For example a chair made from recycled timber could be placed in a garden of evergreen shrubs adjacent from a concrete waterfall or pond. The plants will give life and warmth to the scenery, whilst the soft sounds of water perfectly deliver the senses of enjoyment, relaxation, peace and tranquility to the person sitting in the timber chair.

Many design techniques can be used to achieve your ideal hardscape and softscape environment. Therefore in essence when you are planning your garden landscape design consider all elements of both hardscape and softscape materials.

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