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It is critical to adopt craftmenship, attention to detail and perfection when concrete foundations are required for any building small or large. This is exactly what we do at Moores Valley Landscaping. We understand that your concrete foundations new or old need to withstand several lifetimes of durability and resistance to failure. Again this is a service we can confidently provide with a substantial amount of expertise, skill and experience. We can provide concrete foundations for new homes single or double level, batches and office buildings small or large. We can also carry out repairs with your existing foundations.

Generally there are two types of foundations, the more traditional technique is by use of concrete blocks. The more modern and widely used technique is by use of poured concrete.

With older homes it is quite common to require repairs for your concrete foundations. There are a number of reasons why this can occur. For example your home could be experiencing a loss of moisture in the soil resulting in small hairline cracks, there could be a drainage issue or it could be a plantation problem etc. Either way it is highly recommended for your own safety that you do not attempt to repair the job yourself. Without the correct equipment, experience and knowledge you may put yourself in harms way. And as a important reminder you should also check your Insurance Policy if you have one as most companies require such work to be carried out by a qualified tradesmen or contractor. We would be happy to provide you with a no obligation free quote.

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