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Softscape is a part of the landscaping terminology used for the living parts or your landscape design. This can include a variety of materials such as flowers, plants, trees or shrubs and ground covers for easy care maintenance.

Certain softscape materials such as evergreen trees and shrubs are considered to be fixed as they maintain their green leafy form and texture all year round. Where as plants such as bulbs or annuals have a specific time frame in which they bloom or flower.

You should consider your climate conditions when planning your softscape design as some plants are better suited to certain areas than others. Most plants will also require more care and maintenance, so your available time for gardening should also be considered. It may be advisable to visit your local nursery as they would give you a general of idea of the types of plants that thrive with your climate conditions.

Softscape designs can brighten, driveways, pathways, entrance ways and entertaining areas. You can also enjoy the stunning fragrances of bulbs and small flowering shrubs during certain times of the year.

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