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Many people prefer the option of laying turf (ready lawn) on the grounds of their home as it can instantly provide a well established lawn. This is particularly popular for newly built homes or for those wanting to upgrade their current lawn or office entrance.

The process of laying turf requires correct preparation of the ground where the turf is to be laid. Without this process you may find that your turf will not establish itself properly.Once the turf is installed, we can recommend maintenance, feeding and care options. Although ready lawn is considered fairly low maintenance it would be advisable that you regularly water the area, mow and feed the lawn. This will provide you with a lush deep green lawn.

Laying turf is a delicate process and we can install the lawn in small or large areas. It can generally be laid during most times of the year, excluding extreme dry and wet conditions. As this affects the soil and preparation. Seeded lawn can take several months to establish, whereas turf provides you with an instant look of grandness for your home.

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